Like YOu, I have felt the pain of betrayal

Say goodbye to shame, guilt, fear, or self-blame...
and hello to self-confidence, personal growth, and a bright path forward

I am an LDS Betrayal Trauma Survivor

My journey from devastation and pain...
to self-confident, independent, betrayal trauma-informed coach

In 2020, I found out things about my husband of 48 years that I NEVER would have imagined!

And my world as I knew it ended.

My dreams and hopes for the future we (and our children) had together vanished right before my eyes.

I can barely describe what I felt during that time… pain, isolation, fear, confusion, depression, doubt, self-blame (what did I do wrong?),  disbelief, guilt, shock, hopelessness, shattered trust and even embarrassment.

A new phrase was introduced to my vocabulary… “betrayal trauma”. 

Betrayal trauma is when you have been deeply hurt by the actions of your spouse or someone you trust. 

That was me! And I was in a state of shock to say the least.

I had no idea what I was going to do, how I was going to do it, or what my next steps would be!

But, I decided this trial was NOT going to defeat me!

Jeannie Spear in coral shirt

With the help of God, my family and support groups, I decided I could move forward from this shocking change in my life... and be stronger for it!

Unlike most life coaches, as a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, I understand your spiritual pain and can help you navigate the spiritual trauma and deep emotions that accompany your betrayal. 

I am a certified Trauma-Informed Life Coach. 

My specific training in understanding the effects of Betrayal Trauma allows me to better help you on your personal journey of healing.

You may be feeling lonely, shame, grief, disbelief, shock, numb, confused, hurt, hopeless and embarrassed. 

Because of that, many members of the church do not confide in friends, family, or even Priesthood leaders about their spouse’s infidelity, which causes them to feel even more isolated. 

And, often when they do share their grief, they are blamed for their spouse’s actions, suggesting the affair happened “because you were not meeting their needs.” 


Once I learned tools that could help me be happy again and move forward with MY life, I knew I wanted to help others in similar situations.

I was not alone and hundreds of others were suffering silently because they are afraid to speak up or get help.

This does not need to be you!

I empower those suffering from betrayal trauma with actionable tools to help them heal physically, emotionally, and spiritually so they can move forward with resolve, find inner strength, and feel a new sense of contentment and peace in their life.

begin your journey of healing today

Discover your own path of
personal growth...

and move forward with CONFIDENCE!

If you’re struggling with betrayal trauma, please schedule your free 30 minute visit.