land with fence line to show boundaries

How Coaching Can Help You Set Boundaries

You may find that setting boundaries in a relationship, especially one damaged from infidelity, is confusing.  

Boundaries can help build self-respect and better relationships, as the boundaries are clear to understand.  

It is a standard topic with my clients.  

Do you understand what boundaries are?  Do you know the benefit of setting boundaries?  Do you respect yourself enough to enforce your boundaries?  

First, what is a boundary?  

Second, why should you learn to set boundaries?  

Third, what boundaries do you need for physical and emotional health?  

Fourth, how can you communicate your needs to others?

A plot of land is defined by visible boundary lines like fences along your property or following traffic signs.  Others are invisible, like the expectation of morals and integrity with family and friends.  

These boundaries define expectations and values.  Both the visible and invisible boundaries help maintain healthy relationships and understanding,  

Setting boundaries in your relationships is self-care for your physical and emotional health. They clearly communicate what you can and cannot allow in your relationship. Having set boundaries helps you recognize what your needs are and help you develop more self-worth. 

When coaching with me, we can explore what boundaries you desire to help you heal. I will not make suggestions for you, but I will help you recognize your needs, which can change over time.  Your boundaries with family and your boundaries with friends can be different.  

During our coaching sessions, you will explore and practice ways to talk to others with respect and understanding to let them know your boundaries.  

As people recognize that you have set boundaries, there will be less confusion and tension in interactions with them.  

To find out if I am the right person to help you on this journey, please visit my appointment page and schedule a free 30-minutes session to get to know each other.    

Jeannie Spear

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I help Latter-day Saint women suffering from the devastation of betrayal trauma heal physically, emotionally and spiritually so they can move forward with resolve, strength and peace. 

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