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Reasons to Work With a Betrayal Trauma-Informed Life Coach

The main reason you might choose to work with a life coach familiar with the gospel principles is that you can understand how infidelity has impacted your life on earth and your eternity.  

You married hoping for a celestial marriage, and due to your spouse’s actions, part of your future has been altered.  Whether or not you choose to end or continue your relationship, an LDS life coach who understands the consequences of adultery can help you navigate your future choices.  

You can set reachable goals, explore other resources, find your inner strength, and develop confidence in your decision-making skills.  

When a spouse becomes aware of the unfaithfulness of the spouse they had faith in, it can feel like the world is crashing in on you.  

You can feel like your life is suddenly out of balance and unable to think clearly.  

With the guidance of a Betrayal Trauma-Informed Life Coach, you will find balance and be able to focus.

Many whom their spouse’s actions have wounded cannot talk to family, friends, and sometimes Priesthood leaders.  This leads to intense feelings of loneliness and helplessness.  

A coach can guide you to understand and cope with those feelings.  

A coach can listen as you talk about your hopes, dreams, and confusion and help you navigate to find your solutions and methods of growing and healing through your trauma path and find hope again. 

To find out if I am the right person to help you on this journey, please visit my appointment page and schedule a free 30-minute session to get to know each other.

Jeannie Spear

Hi, I’m Jeannie Spear

I help Latter-day Saint women suffering from the devastation of betrayal trauma heal physically, emotionally and spiritually so they can move forward with resolve, strength and peace. 

If you are struggling and need help moving forward, I would love to help!

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