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"I was lucky to work with Jeannie and when we started our session, she asked me what I wanted to work on and I realized I hadn't thought about that beforehand. So she guided me to listen to myself and what comes up for me and instantly I thought of my 18-year-old daughter.

I have had a tenuous relationship with her lately and especially since this is her senior year of high school, I really want to be more connected to her. Jeannie helped me look inside myself to decide what kind of relationship I want and what I can do on my end to create that.

I brainstormed a few ideas but ultimately realized a place I was successful in was running marathons and I could apply those principles to my relationship with my daughter. Instead of looking at every interaction as positive or negative, I could look at it as a long-term "training plan" and be more patient.

I decided to do a "love dare" where I try every day to do something positive without expectations and see what happens in a month. I will check back in with Jeannie. I loved how Jeannie didn't suggest solutions but helped me find solutions myself that are in alignment with my values and strengths.

I loved working with Jeannie and would recommend her to anyone who is looking to learn more about themselves and create better actions."
Through the years, I have met with various therapists (marriage, family, and individual purposes), but I had never experienced Life Coaching before working with Jeannie. It is a different approach, which I found highly refreshing.

After years of being told what I "had" or what I needed to do to "fix" myself, life coaching provided an outlet for me to discover and focus on what "I" wanted to work on. After several sessions with Jeannie, I learned more deeply what my priorities are, what areas in my life I wanted to improve upon, but most importantly...I had actual ownership over my own life and already had the necessary power to make changes within me.

While trying to become a better person in every area of my life will be an ongoing process, my life coaching experience with Jeannie opened my eyes to a more creative and positive aspect of self-improvement. Jeannie is an understanding woman with a kind voice and a patient demeanor. Her sensitive and non-judgemental approach created a safe environment for me to open up fully and entirely with myself. I will most definitely continue with life coaching...and especially with Jeannie.
"Jeannie is a very skilled and intuitive life coach. Her coaching has helped me in several different ways to cope with and mitigate my severe anxiety and stress. Very highly recommended!"
I can't express how much I enjoyed my coaching session with Jeannie! She is incredibly kind and compassionate, and encouraged me to really understand why I might feel or believe certain things, all without judgment. As a trauma survivor, my session was indeed therapeutic, and helped me be able to move forward and take the necessary steps to continue along my healing journey. I highly recommend Jeannie!

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